Volunteer Rules & Regulations

Please read and understand the rules and regulations (“Rules and Regulations”) prior to participating in NusantaRun Chapter 7 (“Event”).


  1. The Event will be held on 6-8 December 2019.
  2. Categories offered in the Event are full course (133K) (“Full Course”) and half course (71K) (“Half Course”).
  3. Full Course will be held on 6 December 2019. The start time will be announced later.
  4. Half Course will be held on 7 December 2019. The start time will be announced later.
  5. The start and finish line of each category will be announced later.
  6. The Event is a charity event. Volunteer will not be paid.
  7. From time to time the event organizer of the Event (“Event Organizer”) may modify the Rules and Regulations in our sole discretion without prior notice, so please continue to review the Rules and Regulations whenever accessing or using NusantaRun official website.
  8. The Event Organizer will determine other things that have not been listed in this Rules and Regulations, later.


  1. By registering to the Event, volunteer has agreed to fully accept and shall comply with the Rules and Regulations. Please note that the term volunteer(s) refers to a registrant who has received an official confirmation email​ to participate in the Event (“Volunteer/Volunteers”). 
  2. The Event is a multi-day long-distance running charity event. Volunteer is STRONGLY ADVISED to solicit medical advice from a doctor if they are in doubt of their health condition prior to taking part in the Event.
  3. Indonesian and foreign nationals can register for this Event.
  4. There is a contribution fee that should be paid by the volunteer. The contribution fee amount is Rp.100.000,00. The contribution fee is non-refundable 
  5. The Event Organizer is entitled to select the Volunteer by evaluating several aspects. The Event Organizer’s decision is absolute and cannot be contested. 
  6. The Event Organizer reserves the right to close the registration before the registration deadline when the Event quota is achieved.
  7. The Event Organizer reserves the right to cancel a confirmed registration if any information provided by a Volunteer in the entry form is false, fake and/or not completed.
  8. The Event Organizer may contact the registrant or Volunteer from time to time by email. Any notice sent to the email address registered with NusantaRun shall be deemed received by the registrant or Volunteer.
  9. Volunteer MUST signed a provided NusantaRun Chapter 7 Waiver Form (“Waiver Form”).
  10. After providing the required Waiver Form, Volunteer will obtain the Volunteer pack. The Volunteer pack will be collected at the start area of full category several hours prior to flag off. The schedule of Volunteer pack collecting will be announced later.
  11. Volunteer pack contains, volunteer tee, cutlery, bag and other stuffs.
  12. Volunteer shall bring their own stuffs as required by the Event Organizer. The Event Organizer will announce the stuffs separately. 
  13. The Event Organizer will be deploying Volunteer in such a checkpoint of the Event.
  14. Volunteers shall not dress inappropriately during the event or in clothing that is unpleasant to others. 
  15. Items that could potentially disturb the safety of Participant(s) or other Volunteers or may cause danger or risk of danger to themselves or other Volunteers are prohibited. 
  16. Volunteer is always strongly advised to be vigilant and cautious. 
  17. Volunteers acknowledge and accept that their participation in this Event carry potential risks​ and hazards, including but not limited to accidents, physical injuries, health problems, paralysis, death, damage to property and/or other losses, and other risks that are not known before and which at this time are reasonably unpredictable (“​Risks and Hazards​”). Risks and Hazards may occur, among other things, because of the Volunteer’s action or negligence or other people’s actions or omissions, and/or the conditions of the facilities and/or equipment and natural conditions and/or weather and/or Force Majeure (as defined below) conditions. Please note that Force Majeure refers to circumstances or conditions such as war (whether stated or not), violence, social unrest, strikes, outbreaks, accidents, fires, floods, natural disasters, embargoes, legal reasons, or the actions of the government of the Republic of Indonesia, and other similar events which may occur in the future, in which the Event Organizer has no ability to prevent. 
  18. The Event Organizer shall not be held responsible for any harm and/or disadvantage caused by the following events, including but not limited to:
    a.) The occurrence of Risks and Hazards;
    b.) Late arrival to the Event; and/or
    c.) Force Majeure.
  19. The Event Organizer reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the Event shall there be any Force Majeure conditions arise. In the event of cancellation and/or rescheduling due to a Force Majeure, the Event Organizer has no obligation to refund the paid registration fees to the Volunteers and shall not be held responsible for any Risks and Hazards that may occur due to the Event cancellation and/or rescheduling. 
  20. In the event Volunteer decides to cancel their involvement from the Event due to personal reason will affect their possibilities to participate in future events of NusantaRun.
  21. Volunteers expressly and exclusively grant the Event Organizer and its assignee, the irrevocable right to use Volunteers’ name, interest , biography,  or otherwise in connection with the production, distribution and publication of the images, photographs, and other proprietary rights related to the Event, world-wide in any and all devices, media or publications. 
  22. Copyright and other proprietary rights (if any) of images, photographs, articles, race records, and location information, covering the Event, and their usage right for TV broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, the internet, and other media or publications belongs to the Event Organizer. This also includes but not limited to the names and other personal information such as age and address (country, province and city) of the Volunteers. 


  1. By registering to the Event, Volunteer is automatically bound to the agreement to run a fundraising campaign, monitored by the Event Organizer.
  2. The fundraising period will be announced later.
  3. Volunteer shall achieve the minimum donation amounting to Rp1,000,000 (one million Rupiah) at the latest on the last day of fundraising period (“Minimum Donation”).