Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

1When is the registration period for Volunteer of NusantaRun Chapter 7?
The registration starts on 24 September 2019 until 21 October 2019
2What are requirements to be Volunteer of Nusantarun Chapter 7?
  • Indonesian or foreign citizen, min 18 years old on 15 September 2019
  • In a good health condition, mentally and physically
  • Able to work as a team
  • Able to follow series of NusantaRun Chapter 7 event on 6 – 8 December 2019
  • Willing to pay contribution fee Rp 100.000, - (one hundred thousand rupiah)
  • Willing to do fundraising on KitaBisa
3What will each volunteer get when contribute in NusantaRun Chapter 7?
  • Volunteer kit which contains volunteer tee, cutlery, tumbler, and volunteer bag
  • Health insurance during activity
  • Consumption during activity
  • Transportation during event, start from and to meeting point
  • Volunteer ID Card
4Will volunteer get paid for contributing in NusantaRun Chapter 7?
No, you won’t but you will get a great experience after joining our event. It’s because NusantaRun is a charity event that ask each of those who is joined to contribute in education development in Indonesia, especially education for student with disabilities.
5Why does volunteer should pay contribution fee?
Contribution fee is one of commitment for volunteer of NusantaRun Chapter 7. Contribution fee will be used as reimbursement for operational cost.
6How about transportation for volunteer during the NusantaRun Chapter 7 event?
NusantaRun will not facilitate transportation nor giving reimbursement for transportation from location of residence to meeting point of NusantaRun Chapter 7. Every transportation cost will be covered by volunteer. Nevertheless, NusantaRun Chapter 7 will facilitate transportation for volunteer from meeting point to venue of NusantaRun Chapter 7 vice versa.
7Why does volunteer should do the fundraising?
NusantaRun is a festival of contribution. Every individual who involve in NusantaRun Chapter 7 is expected to also be a fundraiser, besides being a volunteer. Target number of fundraising will be announced later.
8What if the selected volunteer resigns?
The contribution fee that has been paid and fundraising that has been received could not be returned. This is also will be a consideration if the person registering for volunteer of NusantaRun in the future.
9Is there any privilege if I ever contribute as volunteer in previous NusantaRun?
Every volunteer registrant of NusantaRun Chapter 7 has the same opportunity, whether thus who is ever join as volunteer in previous NusantaRun or not.
10Could I register for two different fields of volunteering?
Everyone is free to choose field of volunteering that he/she want as his/her own capability and capacity. However, if he/she are chosen as volunteer in one of the fields, then he/she can’t switch to another field.
11Can the volunteer take private vehicle during the event?
For certain reason, volunteer can take vehicle, but he/she should pay attention to health condition and safety when driving or riding.


For further question, please reach us by e-mail on info@nusantarun.com.