Frequently Asked Questions


1How far is the running distance for NusantaRun Chapter 7?
Every full course runner should run as far as 133 KM while the half course should run as far as 71 KM
2Where should the participants run on NusantaRun Chapter 7?
Full course runners will run from Gunungkidul to Ponorogo, while half course runners will run from Wonogiri To Ponorogo. For detail route, including elevation, you could check on Course Map page.
3How many check point along the route?
There will be 9 check points every 10 – 15 KM.
4When is the Cut off Time?
Cut off Time of all participants is on 35 hours.
5Will there be cut off time for every check point?
Yes, it will made available on Checkpoints page.
6What will be committee provide on check point?
There will be isotonic, mineral water, snacks, meals, medics, and physiotherapists in every check point.


1When is the period of registration?
Registration will open on 6 until 30 September 2019.
2What is the minimum age for entering NusantaRun?
All participants must be 18 years or older by the Saturday of event weekend. NusantaRun will not accept registrations from people under the age of 18.
3What information do I need to provide on registration?
In order to complete your registration, you will need to provide: • Personal Data (First name, last name, ID number, email, phone number, date of birth, sex, blood type, medical condition, emergency contact, etc) • Target Donation (choose an ambitious target) • Estimated finish time • Running Experience • Reason of Participation
4What are the selection criteria?
- Pledge (Donation target): Individuals who have the highest donations target will have priority to become participants of the event. Remember all individuals are encouraged to set ambitious targets to motivate their supporters to donate. - Longest Event Distance: Individuals who have finished a Marathon or Ultra Marathon event will have priority to become participants of the event. - Longest Running Distance: Individuals who have run ‘Marathon & Ultra Distance’ will have priority to become participants of the event. The more criteria you fulfilled the more chances you will have as a participant of the event
5When is the announcement of selected runners?
Announcement of list of runners is on 7 October 2019. To be noted, all event registrations are subject to verification by the committee. If the number of registrants exceeds the participant slots, committee has the right to pick which runners that can participate in the event.
6How can I change my personal details?
Send us an e-mail and we can make the required changes.
7Can I change my category?


1What are the registration fees for NusantaRun Chapter 7 2019?
The registration fees are Rp 950.000,- for full course and Rp 800.000,- for half course.
2When is the payment period?
You should complete your registration with the payment according the category that you choose. We will refund the registration fee in the case you are not selected as participant of NusantaRun Chapter 7.
3Is the payment refundable?
We will refund the registration fee once you are not selected as NusantaRun Chapter 7 participant.


1Where does the donation go?
All the donation will deliver to Perkumpulan Ohana, an organization that located in Yogyakarta and dedicate to disability rights. They are providing access to tool mobility service adaptive wheelchair, resource development for people with disability, fulfillment of the rights and policy advocacy for people with disability through trainings and workshops. Detail about Perkukumpulan Ohana could be seen on their website or Instagram.
2How could NusantaRun help me with the fundraising?
The NusantaRun committee can provide you with many ideas and resources to help make fundraising easy and fun. We will give you plenty of information via email. We will also provide tips, ideas and information via our social media. Finally, our committee are always happy to have a chat and offer support for your fundraising efforts, so get in touch!
3What is the minimum fundraising for NusantaRun Chapter 7 2019?
All participants, no matter which target donations they choose, must raise a minimum of Rp 5.000.000,- (in addition to the non-refundable registration fee) to participate in the event. This amount does not include the registration fee, which contributes to the running costs of the event. All individuals must have fundraised at least Rp 3.500.000,- before start running in NusantaRun Chapter 7.
4When is the period of fundraising?
Fundraising will be start on 11 October 2019 until 3 January 2020 Individuals who fail to achieve the minimum amount of donation will unable to run on the event.
5How do runners collect the donation?
The donation will be collected through Every fundraiser should make an account on and should be synchronized the account to NusantaRun fundraising campaign. All the donation received by all runners will automatically added to NusantaRun.
6How do I use our page?
More details available on here.
7What if I am given cash donation?
If you have been given cash donation, you have to do an electronic transfer to your personal page in
8What should I do after I have reached the fundraising target?
Keep going! You still could increase the fundraising target. Don’t forget to let your supporters know so that they could support you more. You will be surprised at how much this can encourage further donations.
9When is the final fundraising deadline?
3 January 2020
10How much money is NusantaRun Chapter 7 aiming to raise?
NusantaRun Chapter 7 are aiming to raise in excess of Rp 3 billion to support our vital work and enable the people we help to bring about positive change in their lives.


1What kind of pre-event that I should put on my calendar?
  1. Technical Meeting that will be held a few weeks before event day (date TBA).
    This is a compulsory event for all runners and volunteers to get the latest information about the rules and regulations of the event; and
  2. Event kit collection that will be held on (date TBA).
2How will the technical meeting held?
The technical meeting will be held online. The exact date for technical meeting will be informed later.
3What if I couldn’t attend the technical meeting?
Don’t worry! You could ask to your friends but make sure there will be no information skipped.
4When will I receive our event event pack?
You can collect your event pack on the event day. Make sure you come early to claim the pack. If you have any specific questions about the event, in the meantime, please drop an e-mail to us.
5What do I need to bring on the event kit collection?
You should bring your ID Card and sign a waiver that stated that NusantaRun committee will be not responsible to your health condition during the event.


1What time do we start?
The start times for the events are:
  • Full course: December 6th at 23:00 WIB (GMT+7)
  • Half course: December 7th at 13:00 WIB (GMT+7)
2Does the committee provide drop bag?
Yes, of course. Committee will provide drop bag on start line for every category. You could collect the bag on the half point and finish area.
3Will I have mobile phone reception on the route?
There are some areas of all the routes where mobile phones may not have reception. To improve your chances of having mobile reception during the event, we recommend all participants carry phones and power bank.
4Do we sleep during the event?
Some people do and some people don’t. The decision is entirely up to you and your agreed event strategy. We also recommend you don’t sleep for more than two hours, as it can be difficult to get moving again after a long sleep. Also, don’t forget that every check point has its cut off time. Make sure you pay attention on this.
5What will I receive after I reach the finish line?
If you could reach finish line under COT, you will receive a finisher tee.
6Will I receive finisher tee if I finish over COT or Do Not Start or Do Not Finish the Event?
We are sorry, we can’t give you the finisher tee. But don’t worry, your donation will still be counted and you still can join the post-event ceremony.


1What kind of post-event that I should put on my calendar?
We will have the signature ‘Rayakan Kebaikan’ event. It will be held after the close of fundraising. The event is your chance to celebrate your amazing achievements both on and off the course and to enjoy a relaxed day with your fellow participants. It’s a casual event and we encourage as many participants, support crew and supporters as very welcome to come. Let’s celebrate the kindness together!


1How much training should we do?
We will have the signature ‘Rayakan Kebaikan’ event. It will be held after the close of fundraising. The event is your chance to celebrate your amazing achievements both on and off the course and to enjoy a relaxed day with your fellow participants. It’s a casual event and we encourage as many participants, support crew and supporters as very welcome to come. Let’s celebrate the kindness together!
2Am I fit enough to do NusantaRun?
We firmly believe anyone with the right training, preparation, mental attitude and commitment to team work can complete NusantaRun. Of course, you should consult your doctor or specialist for the right advice relative to your personal fitness level and health. We recommend ECG screening.


1Can I have my own mobile support?
Yes, you absolutely can.
2Does my mobile support need to be registered?
Yes, of course. Your mobile support should do the registration to the committee the latest by D Day.
3Is there any payment for registering the mobile support?
Each Volunteer have to pay registration fee as much as Rp 100.000,- to participate in NusantaRun Chapter 7.


1What volunteer roles are available?
NusantaRun offers a range of volunteer opportunities. You can work at a checkpoint, out on the course, in the transport and logistics crew, photographer or videographer, or as part of the health and medical team. You can also volunteer with NusantaRun at the NusantaRun committee in the lead up to the event. Last but not least you can also volunteer as fund raiser and have your own individual page in our NusantaRun - Kitabisa account.
2How can I express my interest to volunteer for NusantaRun?
To express your interest in volunteering for NusantaRun, please complete the Volunteer Registration Form in the website.
3What meals are allocated to volunteers?
Meals will be provided to all volunteers working through standard meal times: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All meals will be delivered to all checkpoints and course marshal locations.
4Will I have training for my role?
The technical meeting sessions provide an overview of the event, as well as detailed training for specific roles. You will gain an understanding of your responsibilities and the training will ensure you feel confident with your role.
5I’ve volunteered before – will I need to attend a training session?
Even if you have volunteered for NusantaRun in the past, it is important that you attend the technical meeting session as each event is different.
6Can I bring a friend to volunteer with me? Can we volunteer as a group?
Yes, the more the merrier! Volunteers often work in pairs or groups and we always try to accommodate people wanting to work together. Please let us know if you have friends you would like to volunteer with. If you are part of a large group of people wishing to volunteer together, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assign everyone in the group with roles in the same location.
7How do I get to the event?
The committee will provide shuttle from the start line of each category to dedicated positions for the volunteers. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, NusantaRun encourages all volunteers to take the public transportation or car pool when possible.
8What do I need to bring for my shift?
  • Mobile phone and Power bank. Please make sure you bring a mobile phone and power bank so we can contact you in case of an emergency.
  • Wear layers. The weather can be unpredictable; play it safe and bring a raincoat, sun hat, sunscreen. At nights can get chilly, so please rug up and bring layers.
  • Personal supplies. Bring things that will make you more comfortable in your role. For example, course marshals should bring a fold out chair, snacks, water, torch and a book for quieter periods.
9What happens if I cannot attend my shift?
If you cannot attend your allocated shift for any reason, you must immediately notify the Volunteers Coordinator. The earlier the notice you give, the easier it will be for us to find someone to replace you.


For further question, please reach us by e-mail on